Our progress after Covid closures

We are happy to announce that we are back to school full force; with the
interruptions and closings due to Covid, our students have had two rough years.
However, in the recent national examination results, we emerged top position in
our region. Our students are known for resiliency, hard work and determination.
Our class eighth boys and girls made us all proud!
Life is back to normalcy we are therefore celebrating graduations, engaging fully
in sports, and enjoying all activities of our school community.
We thank our supporters for their continued help. They have helped us achieve
numerous milestones; we are deeply grateful.

We are currently receiving donations for: student’s monthly tuition and acquiring a school bus.

Our students come from families that make 2-3 dollars a day; they need help to
stay school. We are looking for sponsors and donors to make a dream come reality
for them. 50$ is the sponsorship fee for one student. Consider touching these lives with a recurring or one time gift.
We are raising funds to buy a 39-seater bus to help transport students to and from school. Our students walk for hours daily to attend school. This has been incredibly challenging due to harsh weather and kidnapping risks towards girls.